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Guitar orchestra runs on a Saturday in Larbert Bowling Club. Lessons in my studio or the club most days of the week. 





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My son enjoys both private and group lessons with Karen.  Karen has an amazing talent and provides my son with inspiration.  She gives him a lot of encouragement and is very good at instructing the technical side also.  I am extremely pleased that Karen encourages her students to take on a variety of different musical styles and manages to encourage great enthusiasm amongst her students.  I would recommend Karen for all aspiring guitarists - young and old. Encouragement and fun would be the two main descriptions of Karen Blackwood's guitar lessons.  My daughter was half intrigued to learn guitar and after her first lesson she is playing fantastic - now 2 and a half years later. She can read music and play the strings properly.  This is all thanks to Karen- the fact it is encouraged for parents to be present during lessons helps the child as well as the parent to have an understanding of the music.  Whether kids are 5 or 55, all are welcome and it's really nice to see such a broad spectrum of ages all play together.  Private lessons with Karen unbelievably is a game changer as this is a time when Karen can pick up on specific parts the pupil needs to work on and with Karen's great sense of humour it makes the lessons fun whilst actually learning
Both my daughters attend guitar lessons with Karen and are making great progress. Karen organises regular concerts for her pupils to showcase their talents and these are always fun and a great way to build confidence in performing. Karen is a fantastic teacher and has a great passion and enthusiasm for music. I highly recommend her lessons! Karen's passion for music and wealth of experience is very clear when she is teaching. The group guitar lessons are fun and engaging for each child, no matter which level they are at.  My son loves going to the these lessons and has come on very quickly in such a short time. He is about to start 1:2:1 lessons with Karen, which he is really looking forward to.   The concerts that the kids take part in are fun and a fantastic opportunity for them to perform solos and ensemble pieces to an audience.  Would highly recommend. My daughter (age 7) and I have been coming to Karen’s group lesson for a few months. Karen is great with kids and is kind and patient. My daughter enjoys the lessons and I’ve been able to take part too to help encourage her. I’d highly recommend Karen and you’ll be amazed at how much you pick up in a relatively short space of time
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