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If you're little one is under 7 years old and really wants to play the guitar it might be possible.    Not for all but certainly for some they will manage.  Below are some points to think about before they start.   I'm always happy to see them before they start so that I can help you decide if this is the right decision.  Be assured that I wouldn't take your money for lessons if I thought that your wee one wasn't going to manage.  That's why it's probably best to see me before starting.  I can give them a quick few tests to check they're ready to be the next rock star!!!!  

Under 7's

  1. This will be a commitment from both of you as you'll probably need to help them practice.
  2. They'll need a 1/2 size guitar. 
  4. Do they have the physical ability to push down a string and co-ordinate plucking and pushing at the same time? No other instrument has both hands doing different things.
  5. Be aware that they won't progress as quickly as a 10 year old and that progress will be slower.
  6. Can they follow instructions on where to put their fingers?  If I was to say "put your finger on string 3 fret 2", could they understand that?

Group guitar Lessons larbert and crieff.....

Weekday classes in the evening and during the day. Saturday classes too. 1:1 lessons by arrangement.



There are 4 guitar groups in Crieff which run on a Tuesday after school at Strathearn Community Campus. Parents welcome to stay. 1:1 lessons available.